Summer Makeup Essentials

Hello my beautiful friends!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, but I am going to do all my best to be more consistent!

Today I want to cover an interesting topic — choosing your makeup essentials for the summer.

General Ideas

I used to get tons of cosmetics “just in case” and used only 20% of that.

Many of us already gone or still planning to go on a vacation to the sea. But when it comes to choosing the right makeup products to take with you, many of us begin to wonder: how many things do I need to take to keep a bag not overloaded and be able to look flawless.

I want to cover the topic of decorative cosmetics. And as for the care — it’s very individual, and only you can choose the right products.

To begin with, I want to remind, that to look great you have to allow your face to relax while you are on the beach. Give it as much rest as possible. And in the evening for dinner, you can emphasize your natural beauty.

I don’t know how about you, but personally, I used to get tons of cosmetics “just in case” and used only 20% of that.

With the time I adapted, and today I want to share my pieces of advice on how to minimize the amount of cosmetics for a holiday, but still look great.

Observe Yourself

What do you use more often?

What shades do you prefer?

Do you like eyeliner or do you prefer playing with different eyeshadow?

Do you prefer lip glosses or do you not see yourself without matte lipstick? If you do not really use lipsticks day to day, then the chances of using that are little. Your hand will still be drawn to your favorite lip gloss.

Lip Gloss

Ready-made Cosmetic Sets

Many brands prefer universal products and create compact sets or mini versions. When buying a set consisting of few lipsticks, a pair of shadows, blush, and bronzer, make sure that all shades are suitable for you. As if not, you will end up using only one product, and the rest will simply collect dust.

However, if you have some mascara samples, miniatures of lipsticks or foundations, then it is a fantastic opportunity to bring freshness into your look. It will make you try something new, and you will not have to overload your suitcase.

Create the Custom Makeup Palette Yourself

How many times have you faced the fact that you buy a palette with a certain number of colors, you think you use all the shades, but after a while, you realize that only a few colors are wiped to the iron bottom?

So, why not buy an empty little palette and fill it with 4-8 important to you shades which will help at any time of the day or night? You will also benefit from the ability to replace this or that color if it finishes or becomes damaged.

Custom Makeup Palett

The key thing is to choose a high-quality, strong palette so that it will serve you for at least a year.

As of myself, I use these palettes (clickable):

Cosmetic Transformers

What if you could use products multi-functionally? For example, instead of bringing 10 different lipsticks and glitters, take one lip pencil and neutral lip gloss, which you can combine.

A pencil of a saturated color can be used as an excellent alternative to a matte lipstick and by adding a softer lipstick of neutral shades you will add more volume to your lips and will instantly transform the color of your lips.

You can use lip gloss not only as a single product, but also in a duet with lipstick or pencil, or even with everything at once.

Highlighter and Eyeshadow

On vacation, you can easily replace one product with another.

For example, you might not use a highlighter as much, but you might think that it will definitely come in handy for a tanned skin.

What if I tell you that you can achieve the same result by applying light shadows or a pigment with little sparkles on the zones that you want to emphasize?

Highlighter and Eyeshadow

Or vice versa, you might prefer matte shadows with the shimmery shades. Then you can easily replace shimmery shades with the highlighter and apply it to your eyes.

Blushes and Eyeshadow

The same as in the example with highlighter: you can replace blushes with shadows and vice versa.

Blushes and Eyeshadow

Nowadays natural and fresh makeup is a trend. So you can safely put blushes not only on cheeks but also on eyelids, a nose tip, and a chin.

If you have a product that consists of several shades, then it is even better!

Super Pencil

Now the market has a huge number of cream shade pencils, which can perform many functions.

It can really help you if you want to draw the lower eyelid to enlarge and refresh the eye visually.

It will also help you when you need a shadow primer.

ABH Pro Pencil

You won’t believe, but it also will be helpful when you need to draw a lip contour for the volume; or even when you need to clean the outline of the eyebrow slightly.

Universal Tone

I wouldn’t recommend using thick foundations on vacation, as they negatively affect your skin. It’s better to use light textures.

If you are afraid that the reddening will come out or you already have some uninvited guests, then you’ll need a good, full coverage concealer that you can pinpoint on problem areas and leave the remaining areas without an extra layer of foundation.


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