Spring Fashion, or What I Like to Wear for Spring

It is the end of January, and that means spring is just around the corner. The end of January and the beginning of February is when lots of girls, including myself, start looking for spring fashion ideas. So, I thought here would be the perfect place to share my opinion and thoughts on the do’s and don’ts for any spring wardrobe with you. I’ll also share one of my favorite spring outfits!

Biggest Spring Outfit Mistake and Resolution

With the new warm spring sunlight, the majority of people decide to start wearing light clothes. It is a huge mistake and leads to colds.

That was the path I followed when I was younger. I used to be one of those who wore light clothes in any weather to look better and looking back now, I can’t believe I used to wear those things! Fortunately, I changed my thoughts and priorities and started understanding that. As a result, I discovered something that I didn’t think was possible, fusing comfort with beauty!

I discovered something that I didn’t think was possible, fusing comfort with beauty!

I always thought comfort meant looking like a bulky “snowman” all big and soft but learned that this can easily be avoided by matching heavy clothes with something a little more elegant and refined. As you can see this is the exact technique I’ve adopted for the look in this post; Matching a voluminous jumper with a skirt and narrow shoes.

Luckily for all of us, comfortable, bulky clothes are becoming more and more of a fashion trend. If you look at H&M, Asos, Zara or any other shop, you will find plenty of them!

 Colors of the Early Spring

For the colors of early spring, I have chosen cool and quiet tones, mixed with a touch of gold. Typically, I like to wear warm colors, but I don’t like the idea of quickly transitioning from winter colors to bright spring colors. Simply because there will be plenty of time in summer to enjoy wearing bright, colorful clothes.

Going forward this outfit idea can easily be transformed into something brighter and more vivid. For instance, grey sweater or skirt can be replaced with a light pink alternative and how about playing with rainbow colors to adjust to your style.

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I tried to find products from this outfit; However, most of them are not available anymore. Luckily, I found very similar items. Please see them below.

Wide polo-neck grey jumper from H&M

Pleated grey skirt from H&M

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